Tea & Talk Women’s Project

Many Somali women can become almost housebound because of language and cultural barriers, as well as lack of self-confidence in dealing with the wider community and lack of single sex services, if they do not partake in mixed services due to cultural or religious grounds.

We seek to address isolation of Somali women by offering culturally appropriate women’s services, where they enjoy coffee, tea, and a light breakfast, socialise and keep active.

How We Help

  • Weekly drop-in sessions to connect and form friendships
  • Regular physical activity
  • Chair-based exercise
  • Low-impact fitness sessions
  • Tai Chi and Yoga
  • Outings and group walks
  • Traditional hand crafts
  • Health seminars
  • Board games and Somali chess
  • Advocacy and support
  • Peer counselling
  • Signposting